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Bill and Sheila - Foxhunting in Ireland

Bill and Sheila

Bill and Sheila Bagliani are unique in the equestrian world in that their passions encompass many facets of horsemanship, from the art of breeding to the sport of competition and even further to the raw nature of foxhunting.  Together, the couple strives to produce and enjoy their top quality Sport horses.

Bill Bagliani established the horse farm over twenty-five years ago with the purchase of a beautiful expanse of land that would one day be home to his vision.  Bill has a keen eye for selecting Arabian stallions and broodmares, and has a talent for combining the two to produce the epitome of an English Pleasure athlete.  He takes pride in the individuals resulting from his breeding program and always strives to improve upon their already desirable qualities.

For the past twelve years, Bill has spent half of his time in Ireland breeding Irish Sport Horses for Hunter/Jumper and Thoroughbreds for steeplechasing.  As a former Joint Master of the Waterford and Wexford Hunts, he has extensive first-hand knowledge of the attributes which make up his ideal Sport Horse.  These qualities are transferred over to his Sport Horse breeding program with emphasis on the ability to arise to any occasion that could be demanded of a horse in such a field which led to the establishment of Castle French Farm.

The Farm Mascot - "Rattie"

Sheila Bagliani was born and raised in Ireland with an intrinsic affinity for horses.  She has spent her life in the saddle and lives to hunt.  The couple met over a decade ago while foxhunting in Ireland.

Their mutual love of the hunt and attraction to each other developed into the partnership they have today.

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